Guide to Creating a Wellness Center


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A Wellness Center is a physical space devoted to the use of wellness activities and to promote healthy living in a community. Wellness Centers support a holistic view of health in which physical, mental, social, and spiritual health are all considered and essential in achieving improved health and wellness. Just as the needs and interests of every community are different, so is each Wellness Center, including the programs, activities and informational materials that they offer. Wellness Centers should be open to the public,  and to community groups, youth, and organizations and individuals committed to improving the overall wellness of a community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Wellness Center in my community?

The steps toward creating a Wellness Center will be different for every community. Some communities may already have a facility committed for the purpose, whereas others may apply for funding or use an existing facility for the purpose. Regardless of the type of facility, considerations include:

  • Vision on your Wellness Center
  • Programs and activities to be offered
  • Guidelines of the Wellness Center
  • Operational procedures
  • Who is responsible for the operation and maintenance

 Can I use an existing building for a Wellness Center?

Yes, many communities will use existing buildings for their Community Center. Rather than direct funds and energy toward acquiring a new facilities, the best use of resources is often directed toward converting existing buildings to a Wellness Center. Potential buildings that may be used for a Wellness Center include community buildings, libraries, or at City or IRA buildings through the establishment of agreements.

 What kind of activities should we have at the Wellness Center?

Every Wellness Center will be different based on the dynamic, needs and interests of the community. Potential activities may include:

  • Nutritional and healthy cooking classes
  • Providing health and wellness information
  • Cultural crafts and activities
  • Sober dances and gatherings
  • Exercise classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Healthy relationship groups
  • Youth Council meetings
  •  Support groups

Who should be involved with the Wellness Center?

The local Wellness Coalition and Youth Council members should be directly involved with the creation of a Wellness Center. Other important people to be considered in the creation and operation of a Wellness Center includes:

  • Local leaders
  • Public health officials
  • School officials
  • Cities and IRAs