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A Community Wellness Competition

Acts of Self Care

  •  Create a personal wellness plan
  • Complete one activity on personal wellness plan
  • Healthy food choices
  • Exercise (walk, run, dance, sports)
  • Say NO to (fill in the blank…e.g. drugs and alcohol)
  • Celebrate your successes
  • See mistakes as opportunities for learning

Building Bridges Conversations

Community Service

  • Help an elder
  • Collect food for food shelf
  • Volunteer at (fill in blank)
  • Pick up garbage on street
  • Write a letter to a man or woman in the service
  • Youth ideas


  • Individual tracking sheets – manual
  • Log in and track on computer and/or phone app
  • Wellness Ambassadors can act as local resources to provide support


  • Presented at special events to people who complete the TriACTalon at their age level.
  • Special awards for highest number of acts/conversations/hours per age level
  • Published / posted in TBD
  • Listed in the TriACTalon Wall of Fame in a TBD public location
  • Finishers will get an ID card that can be used to get incentives that are periodically provided by local businesses. E.g. discounts, free stuff et al.
  • Encourage people to complete the TriACTalon every year with special awards for multi‐year finishers.