Wellness in the School

To promote and provide resources for developing strong and positive youth who make healthy life choices.
— Goal for Wellness Ambassadors in the School
 Interested in Physical Wellness for your school?  Click here!

Interested in Physical Wellness for your school?  Click here!

Are you a Wellness Ambassador for a school?  Here are some ideas:

  • Promote healthy eating in classrooms, cafeterias and through communication with parents.
  • Work with the schools and the district to provide healthy foods at school. Create and distribute healthy eating materials to students and parents. 
  • Review existing after-school programs. Research new programs and funding. Survey students and teachers regarding desired activities.
  • Coordinate and provide healthy and supervised after school activities for youth.
  • Establish peer to peer support groups.
  • Identify areas that would be useful to have peer support groups (i.e. substance abuse, healthy relationships). Identify moderators for each support group.
  • Implement support groups as an after-school or during school program. 
  • Provide students information on how to develop skills for coping with peer pressure, substance and alcohol abuse.
  • Create brochures and posters and distribute throughout schools and community (involve youth).
  • Offer a workshop on healthy relationships.
  • Have school staff receive training on healthy relationships. Compile informational resources.

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