Physical Wellness in the School

Schools play a critical role in improving the dietary and physical activity behaviors of children and adolescents. Schools can create environments supportive of students’ efforts to eat healthy and be active by implementing policies and practices that support healthy eating and regular physical activity and by providing opportunities for students to learn about and practice these behaviors.

Here are some suggestions for keeping nutrition at its best in school:

  • Offer a variety of fruits and vegetables;
  • Minimize sugar options;
  • Ensure that at least half of the grains are whole grains;
  • Make sure that students are sitting down for their meals and spend 10-20 minutes eating;
  • Minimize or eliminate sugar drink options;
  • Create healthy vending machines; and
  • Limit portion sizes (excluding fruits and vegetables).

Lets keep our kids active!

  • Offer physical activities before and after school;
  • Provide options for and encourage physical activity during recess;
  • Encourage participation in organized sports; and
  • Allow physical activities and nutrition classes to take place for the community after school hours and on weekends.