What and when we eat has a big impact on our body and how we feel.  It can affect energy levels, how well our body and brain functions, our sleep quality, and it can support or diminish our ability to cope with stress. 

Honesty counts. Consider your current diet and how well it serves your health. Take a moment and note any areas for improvement.

Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins.  Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, we want you to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.

No one diet works for everyone.   Find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Then make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Tips to get you started

  • Look at Integrative Nutrition plate and focus on your food plate and your primary foods which are:  relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality;
  • Add one healthy food item each day;
  • Take out one unhealthy food item each day;
  • Control your meal portions and try to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day;
  • Use sugar, salt, fat, and alcohol in moderation; 
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods;
  • Eat breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day;
  • Drink 8 glasses of water and herbal tea;
  • Avoid refined white flour, sugar, and processed food and junk foods;
  • Try and new, healthy recipe each week;
  • Make half your plate fruits and vegetables; 
  • Consider getting a health coach to help you meet your goals.

Write down one very small thing you could do today to eat more healthfully!

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