Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to personal decisions, group interaction and community betterment.  

Where are you at on the Mental Wellness Wheel?  



What do the Categories Mean?

  • Willingness and Ability to Learn
    • Do I approach things with a beginners mind?  Does learning new skills and new knowledge excite me? 
  • Curiosity 
    • Do I look around the world with the eyes of a child-full of wonder and awe?  Am I inspired to learn every day?  Do I enjoy exploring new things?
  • Acceptance
    • Can I adapt to new situations?  Can I accept change in my life?  Am I able to accept help?  Can I graciously receive a compliment?  Am I accepting of others?
  • Kindness
    • Do I perform an act of kindness every day?  Do I think before I act or say things that are hurtful to others?  
  • Letting Go
    • Have I been able to let go of my past?  Have I been able to forgive myself and others for things?  Can I let go of anger in a healthy way?
  • Commitment
    • Am I able to finish what I started?  Am I loyal?  Do I keep my promises?  Am I willing to work hard for things that I want?
  • Positive Attitude
    • Do you have a positive attitude?  Are you able to keep your chin up with the odds are stacked against you?  Do you laugh often even when under stress?  Is your glass half full? 
  • Setting Goals 
    • Do I have a five year plan?  Do I know what I am going to achieve this week?  Can I share my goals with someone else?  Do I use a planner or organizer to track my goals? 

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Want to Take Action on Certain Areas?

Willingness and Ability to Learn

  • Learn a new skill;
  • Pick up a book you haven't considered before;
  • Take one small step at at time; 
  • Keep trying even if you fail;
  • It's OK not to know everything;
  • Look at things from a new angle; 
  • Use the spirit of inquiry; and
  • Focus on questions and not on answers;


Curiosity makes you smarter.  It is a state of active interest and genuinely wanting to know more about things around us.  It opens the door for us to experience delight and joy without judgement.  You can harness the power of curiosity by exercising it like a muscle.  Try these strategies:  build knowledge, thrive on uncertainty, reconnect with you inner child by playing more, go past what is familiar and find what is new. 

  • Practice beginner's mind; 
  • When talking try to ask more questions;
  • When driving look around you more often at the world around you; 
  • When walking from one place to another try to engage your senses;
  • Engage your five senses and notice details of things around you;
  • When working try to determine how you can challenge yourself more;  
  • Play twenty questions 
  • Explore what interests you; and
  • Become an engaged listener. 


  • Come from a place of compassion and be less judgmental of others;
  • Try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes; 
  •  Look for the positive in every situation; 
  • Live in the present-not the past or future; 
  • Be OK with making mistakes; 
  • Try to step outside your comfort zone; and
  • Learn to find strength in being vulnerable.


Kindness is contagious and will make a big difference in your own life and the lives of those around you.  There are many ways to sure kindness to yourself and others. Kindness has been proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.   

  • Start by being kind toward yourself; 
  • Evaluate your self-talk. Is this how you would talk to someone you really cared for? 
  • Find a few basic acts of self-care you can do on a regular basis; 
  • Practice "loving kindness" meditation;
  • Create a list of fun ways to be kind to others; 
  • Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru;
  • Volunteer; 
  • Express your gratitude to someone in your life; 
  • Smile to a stranger; 
  • Donate used books or clothing; 
  • Ask for forgiveness; and
  • Buy an inspirational book for someone.

Letting Go

  • Cry into a pillow to release anger or sadness;
  • Get a new perspective on your challenges;
  • When really stuck find an easy positive action to take such as walking or volunteering somewhere; 
  • Practice body work such as Yoga to let go of physical tension;
  • Burn away your concerns by writing them down on a piece of paper and throwing it in the fire;
  • Use a stress ball; 
  • Wear a rubber band on your wrist and flick it when you begin to dwell on something negative; and
  • Use a positive affirmation to help release what no longer serves you.


Being able to fully commit to any task will enable you to go after the life of your dreams.  First, you need to get your mindset correctly and be willing to dedicate yourself to what you find to be important.   Then you need to establish SMART goals so that it is easy to understand what you need to do in order to achieve what you are working for.  It is critical to stay focused.  Distractions will always come up but you need to give yourself permission to keep focused on your goal.   Lastly, find a way to hold yourself accountable for your efforts.  This might mean finding an ACT Ally to check in with or finding an online program or app. 

  • Tell others what you are working on;
  • Join a community that is related to your goal;
  • Post a vision board with your dreams somewhere easy for you to see; 
  • List out your SMART goals and refer to them daily; 
  • Journal about your progress each day; 
  • Build habits up that align with your commitment; 
  • Focus on smaller victories; and
  • Celebrate successes along the way.

Positive Attitude 

Life can be very difficult, in fact it generally is.  That doesn't mean it isn't beautiful, engaging, inspiring, and just simply awesome!  It all depends on a person's perspective.  Why is it that a poor person can have true contentment and a rich person can be miserable?  There are many answers to that question, one of which is having a positive attitude.  

  • Look for solutions instead of problems;
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities;
  • Don't give up;
  • Find the silver lining; 
  • Read inspirational stories;
  • Find a new inspirational quote every day;
  • Practice visualizing what you want to have happen; 
  • Practice meditation; 
  • Choose to be optimistic; and
  • Choose to be happy (yes it is that simple).

Setting Goals

It is a critical life skill to be able to set goals for your life.  Goals for what you want to accomplish today, next week, next year, and even twenty years.  If there isn't a plan in place we are simply passengers in the care of our destiny.  We want to be in the driver's seat.  

  • Set goals that motivate you; 
  • Make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, Time Bound);
  • Put your goals in writing and place them at key spots in your house such as your bathroom mirror; 
  • Break big goals into smaller daily goals that are easily achievable; 
  • Review your goals often; and 
  • Share them with a family member or friend.

Here are some other general suggestions to increase Mental Wellness?

  • Set aside time to quietly relax each day;
  • Work on having a positive mindset;
  • Talk a walk when you feel distressed;
  • Set aside time to do relaxing activities you enjoy like reading, gardening, watching movies, etc;
  • Learn and use deep breathing techniques. For example, breathe by expanding your abdomen rather than your chest.  This technique allows your diaphragm to drop by expanding your abdominal muscles. Take 100 deep breaths each day;
  • Practice positive affirmations;
  • Seek out the support of a therapist or support group;
  • Put your brain to work by doing some serious goal setting; 
  • Have regular social contact;
  • Do pleasurable and enjoyable activities often;
  • Take small steps to try new challenges; 
  • Read books on personal growth;
  • listen to CDs and audobooks;
  • Take care of your body because that will impact your mental health; and
  • Sign up for free webinars.