Youth Leader Clubs

Do You Have One Already? Ready To Form One?

During ACT on the Iditarod Trail we hope to develop Youth Leader Clubs in schools across Alaska and support these Clubs in the upcoming years.

YOUTH LEADER CLUBS will serve communities and stand up and speak up, with patience and compassion, for themselves and one another. 

Download the Youth Leader Incentive Award Guide or read below.

What is a Youth Leader Club?

Youth Leaders are Alaskans that are still in school, k-12, who demonstrate interest in individual and/or community wellness and are willing to commit time to wellness activities in their community. Youth Leaders will work together in a Youth Leader Club. Youth Leaders will be advised by the Youth Club Advisory Team who will provide guidance and direction, consultation, support and information. The Youth Leader program can be a vehicle for young people to harness their combined talents and energy. It will allow them to become involved in decision-making that effects their individual lives and the lives of those in their community.


Forming a Youth Leader Club - Getting Started

Step One

Host a Youth Leader Club Kickoff Event at your school where youth explore / learn about / experience:  

  • An overview of youth leadership, ACT, and the ACT on the Trail Challenge
  • Their community strengths and needs (may also include risk and protective factors)
  • Getting engaged and on board
  • Support resources (staff, volunteer mentors, etc)
  • The ACT Personal Wellness Plan

Step Two

Youth Leader Club Member Recruitment

Youth share how they care about personal and community wellness in response to  compelling questions like:

  • What is important to you about the ACT on the Trail Initiative?
  • What is at stake if we do not, or our community does not make a commitment to 
  • wellness?  (e.g. what will we lose?)
  • What is possible when we together with our community make a commitment to wellness.

Reflection on Community Wellness Issues

Examples include:

  • Wall mural
  • Club wellness journal or scrapbook
  • Power point presentation
  • Word document
  • Combination of above
  • Identify what’s working in your community along with community and individual strengths / assets 

Step Three

Youth Leader Club Member Commitment

  • Get commitment from youth who will join the Youth Leader Club and will  participate in the ACT on the Trail Challenge via a participation agreement. See Youth Leader Pledge>>

Step Four

School / Community Wellness Event Planning

Host a basic community wellness event. Participants can be involved in various wellness experiences.  There can be different tables set up for different components of the wellness wheel and wellness plan.  There can be a commitment wall, door prizes, storytelling, etc.

Step Five

Time to ACT!

Putting plans into motion, documenting outcomes and celebrating success is the focus of Step Five.  Your Youth Leader Club Advisory Team and Youth Leader Club members will want to consider unique and creative ways to make this happen during this early Youth Leader Club development phase.

ACT on the Iditarod Trail Incentive Awards (For Checkpoints along the Iditarod Trail)

Your newly formed youth leader club will gather together ideas, needs, and solutions for your community.   

The ACT Incentive Award:

To receive this award you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Identify a Youth Leader Club Advisory Team 
  • Complete the “Forming a Youth Leader Club” Steps ONE through FIVE 
  • Each Youth Leader Club member completes a Personal Wellness Plan
  • Youth Leader Club members plan a wellness event for their school / community to coincide with the Iditarod.

Communities outside of the Iditarod Trail

If your community would like to pursue and incentive program but does not live along the Iditarod trail, please contact us to consider alternatives and generate ideas for regional sponsorship of an incentive award.


Any existing or newly formed Youth Leader Club in the State of Alaska is eligible to enter into the HeroX Challenge. 

Sign up opens on February 15th, 2016.  

The HeroX prize will be judged based on positive community impact, creativity, and collaboration.

To compete in the HeroX Challenge you will need to meet the following criteria:

Complete the activities and criteria needed to receive the Incentive Award.

  • The $1000 incentive award is offered when a Youth Leader Club is formed and creates a positive event for their community. Read more>>

Identify one to two top community needs that meet the Challenge Criteria

Select activity(s) to build positive protective factors in your top need(s) area(s)

  • In order to be eligible for a $35,000 prize (final amount still TBD), your Youth Leader Club will want to select an activity to address the HeroX Challenge that can be completed or established before April 30th, 2016.

Review and score possible activities based on criteria such as:

  • Appropriateness / fit with priority needs audience
  • Strength as a positive solution to build protective factors
  • Ease for people to see the value
  • Appeal to the community
  • Resources required to implement
  • Ease of access by priority needs audience
  • Possibility for success in the short term
  • Cultural relevance
  • Other

Develop an action plan to address the selected community need(s)

  • Goal and objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Timeline / Calendar
  • Budget
  • Tracking Plan
  • Resources required
  • People
  • Materials
  • Money

Additional Youth Leader Club Documents:

ACT on the Trail Incentive Award Guide

How to get started:

Youth Leader Club Operating Plan

Youth Leader Club Resources Guide

Youth Leader Club Toolkit

Youth Leader Club Workbook

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