Wellness Coalitions

Do You Have One Already? Ready To Form One?

During ACT on the Iditarod Trail we hope to develop Wellness Coalitions throughout the State of Alaska that will be supported and encouraged in the years to come.

WELLNESS COALITIONS will serve their communities and stand up and speak up, with patience and compassion, for themselves and one another.

Download the Wellness Coalition Incentive Award Guide or read below.

What is a Wellness Coalition?

Wellness Coalitions will provide counsel and support to organizations and governing bodies and create and participate in a variety of projects and community initiatives. Participants can include anyone interested in supporting wellness in their community. Wellness Coalition members can be self-selected, nominated, or appointed to be representatives.

Forming a Wellness Coalition - Getting Started

Step One - A Wellness Kickoff Event

Host a Wellness Coalition Kickoff Event where community members explore / learn about /experience:

  • An overview of wellness and the role of the Wellness Coalition;
  • Their community strengths and needs;
  • Getting engaged and on board;
  • Support resources (staff, volunteer mentors, etc.); and
  • The ACT Personal Wellness Plan (PWP)

Step Two - Coalition Member Recruitment

  • Potential Wellness Coalition members will be self-selected, nominated, or appointed by organizations they belong to
  • People who are interested in serving on the Wellness Coalition will self-select by completing a Wellness Coalition application form
  • Potential Wellness Coalition members may also be selected through nomination by their peers.

Following the Wellness Kickoff Event, additional activities may be required to follow up with potential Wellness Coalition members, providing encouragement and support to complete their Personal Wellness Plan.

Who should be part of a coalition?

  • Coalition members are often diverse have but have one thing in common: working toward the goal of a healthier community.

Potential members include:

  • Stakeholders
  • Community leaders
  • Elders
  • Representatives from community organizations

These are the people who have a stake in the success of the coalition's efforts. This may include the general public, school officials, local government officials, public safety officers, etc.

The participation of local leaders and others in decision-making positions will both add credibility and increase the chances that you can influence policy in your community.

  • Youth;
  • Youth Council Members;
  • Elders; and
  • Anyone with a willingness to ACT!

Step Three - Structure

Plan and hold the first meeting: The first meeting of a coalition is important to start the coalition off on the right foot. Content for the first meeting may include:

  • Defining the issue or problem around which the coalition has come together;
  • Hearing input from the community and coalition members;
  • Discussing the structure of the coalition; and
  • Starting the process of creating a common vision and direction of the coalition.
  • Naming your council;
  • Defining Roles, Responsibilities: 
    • Decide on established officer positions (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
    • Decide on rotating positions (e.g. Chair, Contact Point, Social Media Coordinator)


Next Steps: There are a number of specific things that need to be done to make sure that the coalition keeps moving forward.

  • Gather information;
  • Finish creating vision and mission statements;
  • Outreach to community;
  • Finish the work of designing a structure for the coalition;
  • Determine what resources you need - financial, material, informational, etc.; and
  • Start the work of implementing action items and maintaining the coalition over time.
  • Establish the frequency of meetings

Step Four - Action Plan Development

Once the Wellness Coalition is selected, the Wellness Coalition will want to be clear about the actions they will take to guide and support the Youth Council. Although specifics of their action plan will be informed over time by the Wellness Coalition, some elements to consider may include:

  • Hosting the Wellness Coalition Orientation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Ongoing communications and accountability
  • Support resources

Step Five - Take Action!

Putting plans into motion, documenting outcomes and celebrating success is the focus of Step Five. Your Wellness Coalition will want to consider unique and creative ways to make this happen during this early Youth Council development phase.

ACT On The Iditarod Trail

Your newly formed wellness coalition will gather together ideas, needs, and solutions for your community.   

ACT Incentive Awards (For Checkpoints Along The Iditarod Trail)

To receive the ACT Incentive award you will need to meet the following criteria:

1. Identify Wellness Council Members and live in a community along the Iditarod trail

2. Complete the “Forming a Wellness Coalition” Steps ONE through FIVE 

3. Each Wellness Coalition member completes a Personal Wellness Plan

4. Wellness Coalition members plan a wellness event for their community to coincide with the Iditarod.

Communities outside of the Iditarod Trail

If your community would like to pursue an incentive program but does not live along the Iditarod trail, please contact us to consider alternatives and generate ideas for regional sponsorship of an incentive award.

Additional Wellness Coalition Documents:

 Incentive Award Guide for Wellness Coalitions

How to Get Started:

Wellness Coalition Operating Guide

Wellness Coalition Resources Guide

Wellness Coalition Toolkit

Wellness Coalition Workbook

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