What do the Categories Mean?

  • Properly Expressing Emotions 
    • Am I able to authentically express my feelings?  Do I seek resolution when I am frustrated with others instead of holding grudges?   
  • Self-Love/Self-Esteem
    • Do I love myself?  Am I good enough, smart enough, and do people love me?
  • Ability to Relax
    • Am I able to shut off my workload?  
  • Joy and Happiness
    • Am I happy?  Do I feel joy in day to day activities? 
  • Resilience 
    • Can I handle changes in my life?  Am I stable enough to deal with unexpected turn of events?   Am I able to pick myself up when I fall?
  • Balancing all Aspects of Life
    • Do I have a good balance between work, play, family, and fun?  Do I find time for myself?
  • Optimism
    • Is my glass half full?  Can I find the silver lining?  
  • Stress
    • Am I able to calm myself down when my stress levels are high?  Can I say no to things when I am feeling overwhelmed?  

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Properly Expressing Emotions 

Being able to properly express your emotions is vital not only for the quality of your relationships but for your own health as well.  Holding emotions inside requires an ongoing effort that drains all aspects of us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • When you are confused with your feelings take a moment to pause and put a label on them;
  • If you are feeling mad or angry take a moment to calm down before you start acting on your feelings or talking; 
  • When having conversations start out with the world "I feel..."  instead of "You make me feel...";
  • Try to write out your feelings if your not ready to talk; and
  • Reframe statements by removing blame or threats.


Self-esteem is shaped by your thoughts, relationships, and experiences.  It is your overall opinion of yourself.  Realizing that your own thoughts will have the biggest impact on your overall self-esteem.  These thoughts are totally within your total control and what you choose to focus on.   If you tend to focus on negative thoughts about yourself that is what you give power to.  So change directions and just think positive because you truly are amazing!

  • Say stop to your inner critic; 
  • Find positive and healthier motivation habits; 
  • Take a few minutes to appreciate yourself;
  • Write down three things that you can appreciate about yourself;
  • Pay attention to your values and act in alignment with them so you can respect yourself;
  • Be your own best friend; 
  • Look for the upside; and 
  • Spend time around supportive people.

Ability to Relax

  • Try to relaxing activities such as yoga or reading; 
  • Take a quick walk to get some fresh air; 
  • Do some gentle stretches; 
  • Find a deep breathing technique that works for you; 
  • Release the tension in your jaw;
  • Take a hot shower or hot bath; and
  • Listen to music you enjoy

Joy and Happiness

  • Deliberately plan to do positive or enjoyable things on a regular basis;
  • Make a list of things you have enjoyed doing in the past; and 
  • Choose one enjoyable thing you could do this week. 


  •  Don't try to solve problems with the same thinking that created them; 
  • Stay tough and stay prepared; 
  • Find ways to celebrate the small victories; 
  • Pick yourself up as many times as it takes to get where you want; and
  • Stay flexible.

Balancing all Aspects of Life

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony." ~Thomas Merton

Being balanced means that you pay attention to the various elements in your life and don't feel that you are being pulled to hard in any one direction.  Being balanced helps you to feel calm, grounded, and motivated.  

  • Make time for activities you enjoy and that have meaning for you;
  • Check in with your mind, body, heart, and spirit to see if they are all getting the needed attention.  Are all aspects being cared for?
  • Check in with your efforts towards work/school life; social life, family, life, and fun.  Are they getting what they need?
  • Set goals for what you want a balanced life to look like;  and
  • Plan tasks to help you work towards a better balance; 


Optimism is a sense of hopefulness and confidence about the future regardless of the challenges before you.  Optimism is the inherent ability to make lemonade out of lemons.   Need more optimism in your life? 

  • Congratulate yourself and be nice to yourself and others;
  • Surround yourself with positive people;
  • Practice gratitude- Have a journal for every morning/night and write three things;
  • Let go of negative self-talk; and
  • Surround yourself with like minded and uplifting people/


Stress is a feeling that we get when we are put under too much pressure.  Stress has long reaching impacts on life and can manifest physically as well.   We find stessors all around in our daily lives with things such as too much traffic, an pop quiz, or a rude clerk at the grocery store.  When feeling stressed out even the little stressors feel like massive events.  It is important to know yourself and to know your stress threshold then actively take action to keep your stress levels under control. 

Are you feeling stressed out?

  • Learn time management and other stress management techniques;
  • Laugh;
  • Yawn, move your jaw;
  • Stretch your shoulders ;
  • Massage your temples and upper back of your neck;
  • Do a neck roll;
  • Prioritize your tasks and focus on one thing at a time; 
  • Organize your work and living spaces to be clutter-free and peaceful environments; 
  • Practice calming activities like meditation and exercise;
  • Plan your schedule using a daily or weekly planner; and
  • Find some essential oils you enjoy and use them.

Try doing some of these activities if you need soothing.  

  • Listen to calming soothing music;
  • Drink a warm non-caffeinated beverage;
  • Do some gentle stretches;
  • Take a warm bath or shower;
  • Pet an animal;
  • Wrap yourself in a warm blanket;
  • Apply scented lotion to your face and hands;
  • Look at a beautiful picture;
  • Look at the sky;
  • Put clean sheets on the bed;
  • Light a scented candle ;
  • Put a cool cloth on your forehead; and
  • Massage your neck or shoulders.

Some questions to ask yourself. 

  • Am I able to maintain a balance of work, family, friends, and other obligations?  
  • Do I have ways to reduce stress in my life?  
  • Am I able to make decisions with a minimum of stress and worry?  
  • Take account of your present relationships, stress level, self-esteem, and life outlook. Are there areas on which you’d like to improve?  
  • Which emotions do you deal with most often?
  • How well do you deal with those emotions?  

Looking for more ideas on how to improve your Emotional Wellness?  

  • Journal
    • Poetry 
    • Gratitude journal-What are you grateful for?
    • Morning pages (Artist's Way)
    • Write letters 
    • Try Blogging
  • Spend time with friends and family discussing personal concerns;
  • Learn skills that help you cope with difficult emotions and situations
  • Stop comparing: Your abilities and talents are unique – special. Decide what success means for you and don’t worry about what success means for anyone else;
  • Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes once in awhile. Learn from them and move on;
  • Do good things: Do at least one thing that you feel good about every day;
  • Define beauty for yourself;
  • Focus on your strengths;
  • Go outside for 5 minutes which can increase your mood and energy.

Needing Motivation?

  • Use self-talk to remind yourself why you want to do something.
  • Why are the reasons this task matters?
  • How would you benefit if you got started or finished this task? 
  • How would other people benefit if you did this?
  • If you put in the effort and stick with it how will your life be different?