Despite all the best active prevention programs there still is a need to handle a crisis situation when a suicide attempt or completion is made.  The Wellness Ambassadors can form a Crisis Intervention Team to help.  Even without special training, residents can always encourage someone to call Care-line, Alaska‚Äôs statewide suicide prevention and crisis intervention hotline.  A simple task for the Wellness Coalition will be to print out and provide laminated wallet cards with key phone numbers.   A Crisis Intervention Team if created should be properly trained to help respond appropriately to suicide emergencies.  This team could consist of the Village Police Safety Officer, community member, a behavioral health counselor, village health aid, school counselor, or other key people.  Communities that have a Crisis Intervention Team have shown positive outcomes by averting crisis situations rather than having them escalate into larger problems because such teams are trained in verbal de-escalation techniques.  This community-based response team will be provided with critical incident stress management training so that they have the support they need to deal and cope with the trauma in the short and long term.  This team will be focused on doing the right thing for the right reasons.   Additionally, the team will understand that this high risk group will require special care and treatment.  For example, a lack of sensitivity during a time of crisis will create fear, frustration, and anger which potentially could put others in danger.