Content Curation Policy

We value good content from other blogs and websites for our readers and take our curation policy seriously out of respect for our fellow creators. Our goal is to find meaningful, informative, and well written resources for our audience. 

When we select your written material, we are applauding you for your relevant, well crafted writing and subject matter. We hope to be able to present your information to our readers so that they can share, link, and post about what you have created. We in turn will encourage our readers to view your content with a direct source link to your website. 

Ideally, by linking, sharing, and sourcing your content we can drive new visitors back to your site, increasing your readership and SEO. 

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with our use of your material, please contact us and we will immediately rectify the situation either by removing the content entirely or by taking your suggestions to improve it. If we do need to remove your content, we will add your information to a no curation list. 

We hope you will see the benefit of our curation and exposure to your site and your hard work. 

How your work may be showcased:

  • quoted
  • blogged about
  • viewed by our readers
  • discussed in a forum
  • excerpted from
  • debated about
  • linked to
  • referenced
  • shared through social media


Alaskans Changing Together would like to claim no credit for images that are posted to our site unless we have created the image. Copyrights should remain with the original owners of the images. If your image appears on our blog and you do not wish for it to remain, please contact us for its immediate removal. 

If you want to curate content from our site:

Please do! Just credit us as the source and link to us on social media or your site. We feel like everyone benefits from shared content- its what drives the internet.