Wellness in your Community

To increase awareness of existing programs, services, and resources.
— Goal for Wellness Ambassadors in Communities
To improve communication and collaboration between and among service providers and stakeholders.
— Goal for Wellness Ambassadors in Communities

Are you a Wellness Ambassador in your community?  Here are some ideas for you to take action on.


  • Complete a Needs Assessment in your community 
  • Develop an action plan
  • Establish goals 
  • In conversation(s) with community contacts, identify one or more behavioral health topics that would be of interest to local residents.
  • Brainstorm key contacts/partners in each targeted community (Tribal, community leaders,  behavioral health professionals, informal community leaders)


  • Establish home visiting program to provide support to new mother
  • Offer parenting support groups and resources to enhance relationships between parents and children
  • Discuss ways to use interactive social media as behavioral health marketing tools (Facebook, Twitter,InstaGram, Snap Chat, etc.).
  • Provide classes to new/to-be parents explaining the importance of and what constitutes healthy nutrition during pregnancy and for infants and children
  • Host Family Fun Nights


  • Mentoring Program (Big Brothers, Big Sisters)
  • Initiate an early childhood education/ Head Start program
  • Construct a Teen Center that offers activities and support for teens and young adults
  • Offer culture camps that teach traditional skills and values 


  • Hold/co-host a minimum of four community listening sessions.
  • Establish inter-generational programs that connect young parents and elders
  • Offer a workshop on healthy relationships
  • Provide educational opportunities that target local demographic, including elders, youth, young men, and handicapped individuals
  • Offer Life Coaching for high risk young adults
  • Hold a wellness visioning meeting with the community
  • Organize an annual Wellness Fair 
  • Arrange supervised activities for community service
  • Collaborate with spiritual leaders and church groups to advocate for wellness activities
  • Offer various support groups for different age groups and genders
  • Create a “community timeline” so that a more accurate and complete shared perspective of the community’s history is understood
  • Create PSAs (i.e. nutrition, reading to your children, not using tobacco or alcohol) and involve youth in the creation 
  • Host elder storytelling 
  • Organize a day for the community to walk together for the wellness of the people and to stand up against suicide and alcohol abuse 

Celebrate Success

  • Publicize exemplary individuals efforts in promoting well-being.
  • Annually, have community members nominate an exemplary individual and the Task Force select a single individual. Determine ways to honor the individual in the community. 
  • Collect and share stories about people and their choice to lead sober lives.

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