What Does it Mean To Be a Wellness Ambassador?

Wellness Ambassadors are Alaskans of all ages that desire to serve as a bridge between their communities and available wellness programs, activities, and resources. Being a Wellness Ambassador is a volunteer role created to help drive participation and engagement in wellness activities and empower Alaskans to unite to prevent not only suicide, domestic violence, and sexual assault, but to act as a positive and guiding light towards whole wellness.   Wellness Ambassadors are advised by the Alaskans Changing Together Team who will provide guidance and direction, consultation, support and information to Wellness Ambassadors.  


The Steps for Wellness Ambassadors:

  1. Find a couple of people that you feel would benefit from becoming Ambassadors.
  2. Create a wellness plan here 
  3. Share your plan with people who are going to support you. For example your fellow wellness ambassadors, your family, your friends and even people in your community.
  4. Use your action plan! Have your supporters help you track your progress.
  5. Forming a Wellness Coalition with other ambassadors will help your community grow and improve everyone's well being.
  6. Discuss what actions would benefit your community the most with other members of your Coalition.
  7. Once you have decided what your community needs you can work on create a wellness plan for your community and decide how you are going to achieve your goals.
  8. You need everyone to help in changing the community. "It takes a Village," IS NOT just a saying.
  9. Have patience and keep supporting everyone in your community. You will see changes!

 Common Characteristics of a Wellness Ambassador:

  • Passionate belief that their community can work together to improve overall wellness, leading to a reduction in suicide, domestic violence, and sexual assault
  • Enthusiasm about wellness , health, and positive life choices
  • Ability to advocate for others and help them work towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Good communication; motivational, and interpersonal skills
  • High energy, mental resilience, a willingness to invest effort in one’s work and persistence in the face of difficulties

Role of Wellness Ambassadors:

  • Develop annual wellness plan for their community;
  • Be a willing and active participant, along with other Wellness Ambassadors and staff, to co-create the Action Changes Things Initiative;
  • Market and publicize wellness activities and programs within your community;
  • Recruit other Wellness Ambassadors to participate in programs and to join forces in a coalition, and
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies, and programs for enhancing wellness and a healthy environment whereever you go.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work with other Ambassadors to complete a community Wellness Audit and create an Action Plan; 
  • Organize at least one outreach activity per month based on all of the ideas provided by the ACT Team; 
  • Participate in a training whenever possible and available online, via teleconference, or in person;
  • Share and post monthly newsletters and flyers around your community, and
  • Share your success and ideas with the ACT team!

Benefits to Becoming a Wellness Ambassador:

  • Be an active participate in co-creating a new paradigm of positive change for Alaska;
  • Recognition for service as a Wellness Ambassador;
  • Provides motivation to stay committed to your own health and wellness goals;
  • Enhances your communication, personal, and wellness skills;
  • Receive occasional wellness goody bags;
  • Being capable of bringing new services and resources to your community that wouldn't otherwise have a way to succeed;
  • Opportunity to be on the cutting edge of an innovative program and to receive training, and 
  • Receive annual recognition.

Orientation and Training:

  • 1 hour orientation video;
  • Ongoing monthly teleconference calls with other Ambassadors within your region;
  • Online videos posted on the website around specific topics in Wellness, and
  • Opportunity to attend regional Think Tank gatherings and 1 annual Think Tank gathering.

Time Commitment:

  • The estimated monthly commitment is about five hours, and
  • Wellness Ambassadors are asked to commit to this role for a minimum of one year. 


To sign up to be a Wellness Ambassador Click Here