How to Live a Meaningful Life

How to Live a Meaningful Life

One great resource to consider adding to your collection is Happify.  The motto of Happify is "Happiness.  It's Winnable."   There has been significant research into the science of happiness, called positive psychology, and how happiness can change our lives for the better.   They have learned what happiness is NOT.  It is NOT feeling good all the time, being rich or affording everything you want, or a final destination.   They have learned that happiness is how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis.    Current science says that we can actually train ourselves to become a happier person.  While our level of happiness is a result of our genetics, our behavior, and our current situation in life we have total control over our thoughts, behaviors, and action.   So, ask yourself, are you choosing to be happy?  

Happify has boiled it down to five basic skills that separate happy people from everyone else.  Do you have the ability to:

  1. Savor the moment; 
  2. Thank those who matter; 
  3. Aspire to meaningful goals; 
  4. Give to yourself; and 
  5. Empathize with others. 

Furthermore,   a meaningful, purpose-filled life is one of the most essential ingredients for true happiness. 

Here is a fantastic infographic on how you can start living one.

So right now..... What are you going to commit to doing?  Choose one thing from the infographic.   Share in the comments below! 

Leaving you in a state of happiness, 

The ACT Team