Alaskans Changing Together


A Wellness Initiative introduced by John Baker and Governor Bill Walker. Supported by Congressman Don Young, Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Senator Dan Sullivan.

It is time for us as Alaskans to stand up as one and ACT!

Join the movement to empower Alaskans to establish wellness goals, to encourage their families, friends and neighbors, and to prevent abuse, neglect, suicide and suffering in their communities.

"Every single person deserves to live a full and beautiful life. A life where they are the driver of their own destiny, have a purpose, are happy, can dream, and live in a place where they belong, a place of harmony, abundance, and freedom." —Governor Bill Walker
"Wellness in my community, in my family, and in my team starts with me.   Through the ACT initiative, we are calling people out to become aggressively aware of wellness. Governor Walker has a passion to support the people of Alaska and has taken a bold step to ensure that every person will have a chance to take a forward step in their life. We are actively calling on all people in Alaska to be Wellness Ambassadors to help build connections from the ground up. I know from experience that when my dog team is healthy, together we can accomplish incredible things. So together lets all become champions." —Iditarod Champion John Baker

Alaskans Changing Together is a BOLD call to action for all communities throughout Alaska to form Wellness Coalitions in their community.  This initiative was launched at the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) by Iditarod Champion John Baker and Governor Bill Walker.  Interested individuals, to be known as Wellness Ambassadors, are encouraged to take action in their own lives and in their communities. Communities can be defined in any way a Wellness Ambassador chooses – as a village, workplace, school, neighborhood or other collaborative group.

John Baker's philosophy is that the most effective way to counter suicide and substance abuse is to plant seeds of hope and vision so that people, young and old, have something to believe in beyond the borders of their village. It is this sentiment that will be embedded into the Wellness Initiative. 

Alaskans Changing Together will serve as a bridge between existing State Prevention Programs and Alaskan communities to help ensure that everyone has access to the materials needed. It will also serve as a bridge connecting people and their communities from the point where they are in their life to where they dare to go. It will help individuals make changes and move forward, with their lives and in their communities.     

The first step begins within each of ourselves. Daring ourselves to be who we are meant to be. The second step requires courage, but one thing we all know is that Alaskans are not short on courage.  We have courage, fortitude, and strength in our hearts. The second step is each of us deciding to ACT. Step up, sign up as a Wellness Ambassador or Youth Leader. Help us build this together, hand in hand.   

Alaskans Changing Together is a new initiative and we want to grow together.  Help us to create the name by providing us with a suggestion. 

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Find out how you can be empowered to take the next steps in your life to get closer to your dreams.  Get started on your Personal Wellness Plan and take action to become the driver of your own destiny.

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Ready to take the next step? You can become a Wellness Ambassador or Youth Leader in your community whether it be a workplace, school, village, or even a book club.  From there, get a Wellness Coalition going and one day have a Wellness Center.

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